About Amy

When I was little I used to delay bedtime by begging my grandma, “Let’s talk about books.” Years later, I’m still looking for those books I can’t stop talking about. I’m thrilled to have found a home in the Flatiron building with Macmillan imprints Forge Books and Tor Teen, where I’m surrounded by talented, like-minded people who share that same passion for the kind of books that will keep you up all night.

In 2007 I received degrees in French and English from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. I then earned my master's degree in rhetoric and composition from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a love for sweet tea, Southern drawls, and country music that lured me to the South, but I'm a Midwestern girl at heart, a down-to-earth Hoosier from Indianapolis.

Now I live in New York City with my husband, young son, and our goldendoodle. Every day I dive into the imaginations of some incredibly talented authors. I'm a tough editor and a tireless champion for the projects I take on. I love every step of the process, and am constantly looking for new authors who challenge and inspire me. 

What I'm looking for in a manuscript

For me, the best stories indulge my love of travel—whether it’s a trip back in time or to another world altogether. I never fail to pick up any book set in Paris, and would love to see projects with an international flair, or stories that show a hidden culture. I love a strong, smart, and endearingly flawed protagonist. I appreciate secret pasts, and romantic intrigue. I crave intelligent plotting with a quick pace, and I adore an author who can surprise me or offer a fresh perspective. If you have any combination of a feminist flapper, a creepy, small-town mystery, or a bad-boy YA romance, I’m hooked! 

Tor Teen

  • Mature mystery/suspense
  • Contemporary romance
  • Contemporary coming-of-age
  • Historical fiction

Forge Books

  • Commercial book club fiction
  • Lighthearted mysteries with a touch of romance
  • Gritty psychological thrillers
  • Domestic suspense
  • Women's fiction (including beach reads and upmarket women's fiction)
  • Magical realism
  • Historical fiction (in particular early twentieth century)

I do not acquire:
SciFi/Fantasy (including urban fantasy or paranormal romance)
Cozy mysteries
Adult category romance
Middle grade or picture books
At this time I do not accept unagented manuscripts. 

Manuscript Wish List